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How to Spot Pandora FAKES

Posted by C B on

I have recently found out that there are A LOT of Pandora charms listed on eBay that claim to be "Authentic" or "Genuine" but are not. Some fakes are better than others, and a lot of people may never know the difference, but if you're like me, if you're paying for something that's "Authentic" and "Genuine," you want to receive something that's real.
Pandora has recently modified their little charm "signatures" to make it easier for buyers to identify fakes, although some of their standards have held true since the company began.

1) When it comes to the bracelets, Pandora ALWAYS has marked the clasp with a little crown over the "O"

2) If your charm is sterling silver, your charm will be marked 925 ALE; HOWEVER, as this became more widely known, most replicas will include the 925 ALE stamp on their charms as well. Pandora's newest charms (I believe those released after the Fall of 2011) are marked with S925 ALE. So if you know your charm was released in the Fall of 2011 or after and it doesn't include the S925 ALE stamp, it's fake. If you are purchasing a gold Pandora charm, instead of 925 it will be stamped with a 525.

3) Just a heads up, Pandora has NEVER made Swarovski crystal charms!

4) Pandora CHARMS always have a threaded core; however, spacers, and pendants don't necessarily.

5) Many sellers include the Pandora item number in their eBay listing, this is always helpful and typically a good indication that the charm they are selling is authentic. JUST BECAUSE AN ITEM NUMBER IS LISTED DOESN'T MEAN IT'S A REAL ITEM NUMBER FOR AN AUTHENTIC PANDORA CHARM. I recently found a listing for a bead claiming to be Authentic, and when I googled the item number, the only charms that came up were from a website selling Pandora-like replicas. This website assigned their fake beads item numbers to appear genuine, and it wasn't until the last comment on the FAQs section of the website did it say (in tiny font) "We sell high quality Pandora replicas"

If a charm is current (i.e.: is not retired) if you search the charm will be displayed. does not have a catalogue of all expired charms though.

6) Pandora includes many intricate details in their murano glass charms. For example this charm is Authentic. Notice the defined hearts on the bead. Fake murano glass beads tend to look smeared and sloppy.

7) Probably THE BEST identifier of authentic Pandora charms I have discovered recently is that authentic Pandora charms have an OXIDIZED CORE. So when you are looking at a bead and the core is bright silver, that is a quick ID that the charm is fake. I have been told that Pandora started oxidizing the cores of their beads in the last few years so beads released awhile ago may not have the oxidized core; however, I believe all Pandora beads that are currently available (not retired) have oxidized cores.

8) Don't ALWAYS look right to the seller's feedback to determine authenticity of a charm, as most people receiving the charms they are selling wouldn't be able to identify a fake one anyway.

9) As a general rule of thumb, look to listings that list their charms as Authentic or Genuine Pandora, but like I said before, there are some sellers out there listing their Pandora charms as such when they are not.

10) Take all of these things into consideration when buying Pandora charms on eBay, and remember if the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Know the retail price of the charm and if it's being sold new at a Buy It Now price of less than 75% of the store price, you have very good reason to be suspicious. The best way to get a good deal on authentic Pandora charms on eBay is through auctions, but be sure to do your research on the bead in question before bidding on it.

If you spot a bead on eBay claiming to be authentic Pandora but it isn't, REPORT IT!

That's all, hope this helps!

(jennya55 eBay)

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